Why Us?

Why Us?

In Ukrainian reality, where the market of legal services is quite saturated, a person seeking legal advice, support or protection, sometimes faces uneasy task - to choose such legal advisor that would best meet its needs, expectations and the specifics of work.

High level services provided by the specialists of Kushnir, Yakymyak & Partners are ensured due to the following principal features of our law firm:

Professionalism – to deal with the client's matters, we involve professional lawyers having master degrees in law and practical skills in the respective field of law. The services are provided solely according to the principle of lawyer's professional ethics, which, among others, includes timely response to the client's inquiries, advising on the basis of applicable laws and existing practice, and confidentiality of the client – lawyer relationship.

Effectiveness – when providing legal services, we analyze all possible ways to solve the task before us and offer the best option based on the cost effectiveness, time saving as well as the most reasonable way to use other client's resources. Our ultimate goal in each case is to save and increase the value of the client's assets with minimal costs.

International experience – specialists of our law firm gained LLM degrees in the top law schools and did further practical training in the law firms abroad (North America, Europe). This enables us to communicate with the clients, particularly foreign and international companies, using "the same language" as well as to apply the long established in the international practice standards of legal services adjusted to the Ukrainian environment.

Flexibility – we are always open to determine the terms of cooperation with the client based on the client's requests and priorities. The form and way of rendering services are client-oriented in order to ensure the most convenience for the client. The flexible approach in determining the cost of our services enables to offer to the clients the hourly rates billing system as well as special terms (fixed fee, cap fee, subscriber's fee etc.)